Get Better at Composing

The WWW is filled with a vast amount of information regarding composting and how to compose. So much so you wouldn’t know where to start and what would be the most effective way to learn the craft of music-making. TBH, its actually a very confusing place for a pure novice to start and hope to get the right information in the correct order.

Now lets be honest with ourselves, composing music is a life long skill. However, with deliberate practice and a solid vision, its is also quite easy to start getting good results as a composer who’s starting out in this field.

Music, for most of its application, consists of mainly these 3 elements namely Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm. if your goal is to be a professional composer, you have an obligation to understand these 3 elements firmly at the fundamental level.

For now, select one element, the one you’re lest familiar with and learn the fundamentals till it becomes comfortable for you to talk about it. The chunk of your time should be dedicated to mastering the said musical element before moving to the next.

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Eric D

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